MURPHYSBORO, IL – Rep. Mike Bost announced today that Cairo mayor Tyrone Coleman has endorsed his re-election to Congress.  Coleman, an independent, cited Bost’s commitment to strengthening Alexander County and repairing the Len Small levee as reasons for his support.

“As the mayor of Cairo, I have worked extensively with Mike Bost on our community’s recovery from the New Year’s flood,” said Coleman.  “As an independent voter, I appreciate that he doesn’t care which party you’re from; he only cares about helping people.  Mike works hard and he’s been there for us, and for that reason I am proud to endorse him for re-election.”

“Mayor Coleman has been a leader for a city beset by hard times,” said Bost.  “I appreciate his support and look forward to continuing our work together to strengthen the city of Cairo and ensure its residents receive the help they need.  Mayor Coleman and I understand this isn’t about politics, it’s about helping people.”

Bost traveled to Alexander County on Monday to visit with Coleman and tour the levee.


MURPHYSBORO, IL – Rep. Mike Bost announced today he has received an “A rating” and an endorsement from the National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund.

“Mike Bost is an unwavering Second Amendment advocate with a strong record of standing up for the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens,” said Chris Cox, the NRA’s Legislative Director.  “While serving in the Illinois House of Representatives, Mike tirelessly championed pro-gun legislation, including the right of Illinoisans to carry a concealed firearm. Most recently, Bost stood up to the Obama administration’s efforts to push their gun control agenda. We can trust Mike Bost to defend our constitutional freedoms.”

“As a gun owner and a sportsman, I am proud to receive the endorsement of the NRA’s Political Victory Fund,” said Bost.  “Law-abiding gun owners in Southern Illinois understand the important role that firearms play in keeping families safe and helping preserve our region’s proud sporting heritage.”

Bost Campaign Ad Touts Fight for Farmers
Murphysboro, IL – U.S. Rep. Mike Bost released a new television ad today in his re-election campaign for Illinois’ 12th Congressional District, titled “Farmer.”  The 30-second spot features St. Clair County farmer Dave Tiedemann discussing Bost’s fight to roll back Washington’s overregulation of Southern Illinois farmers. Bost is a champion for agriculture and has recently been endorsed by the national Farm Bureau.
“Washington bureaucrats and the Obama administration have proposed and implemented hundreds regulations on agriculture, threatening the livelihoods of our family farmers, ranchers, and producers,” said Bost.  “I am proud to be a champion for Southern Illinois agriculture because they represent the backbone of our economy.”
TRANSCRIPT (30 seconds):
DAVE TIEDEMANN: “My name is Dave Tiedemann, grain and livestock farmer. Been doing that basically all my life. The regulations can be very frustrating.  We have bureaucrats saying whether I can plant corn or not. Constant regulations impeding our progress. It’s great to have a voice like Mike Bost in Washington as our Congressman.  He knows the regulations, he knows our issues, he knows small business, he knows farming. He’s been there for us and he listens to us. Mike Bost is a fighter.”
BOST:  “I’m Mike Bost and I approve this message.”
Bost Campaign Launches Second Television Ad

Murphysboro, IL – U.S. Rep. Mike Bost released the second television advertisement in his re-election campaign for Illinois’ 12th Congressional District, titled “Belleville Boot.” The ad, narrated by Belleville Boot Company President Mark Ferguson, highlights Bost’s successful efforts to stop a federal rule change that would have made it more difficult for the company to compete with big corporations for supplying boots to our men and women in uniform.

“When Washington politicians tried to change the rules and put big businesses ahead of a Southern Illinois job creator, I went down to the House floor and helped stop them,” said Bost. “Because we were successful, Belleville Boot Company will remain one of the largest providers of military boots in the nation.  That’s the type of positive result that hardworking Southern Illinois families deserve.”

To view “Belleville Boot,” please click here.

Transcript, 30 seconds:

FERGUSON:  “Belleville is a family owned small business. We’re the oldest and leading manufacturer of boots for the US military. The large billion dollar companies were trying to bully the small businesses and eliminate our ability to win contracts. Mike Bost went right to work for us.  As a marine he’s pretty ferocious. He attacked the problem right away and he got it resolved. We’re going to be able to win more contracts now and we’re going to employee more people in this area. When you need a fighter, you need someone like Mike Bost in your corner.”

BOST:  “I’m Mike Bost and I approve this message.”

Bost Campaign Launches First Television Ad

Murphysboro, IL – U.S. Rep. Mike Bost released the first television advertisement in his re-election campaign for Illinois’ 12th Congressional District, titled “Stand Up.”  The ad will begin running with 500 points this week in the Metro East media market.

“I was proud to feature my grandchildren in our first ad because I believe this campaign is about the future,” said Bost.  “We must cut wasteful spending, reduce the debt, and lower the tax burden for working families if we’re going to strengthen the world our kids and grandkids will inherit. I look forward to continuing to stand up for Southern Illinois’ future and ensure our young people inherit a better world than the generation before them.”

To view “Stand Up,” please click here.


Bost Raises $333K in 90 Days, Tops $1 Million in Bank

Murphysboro, IL—Today, U.S. Rep. Mike Bost announced his campaign raised over $330,000 in the second quarter and has over $1,041,000 cash-on-hand.

“The strength of our fundraising operation proves our message of more jobs and less government is resonating,” Bost said.  “I am humbled by the outpouring of support I’ve received from hundreds of friends and neighbors across Southern Illinois.  It’s exciting to see the momentum  we’re generating as the campaign season heats up.”


Bost Campaign Launches Job Creator Coalition

Murphysboro, IL – Congressman Mike Bost announced his Job Creator Coalition at a breakfast on Monday, May 16th, in O’Fallon.  This coalition, a group of business owners formed in support of the campaign, comprises 30 small business owners across the 12th district. You can see this list of names here.

“As a former small business owner myself, I know that these companies are the lifeblood of the Southern Illinois’ economy,” said Bost.  “I am proud to have these hardworking men and women, regardless of whether President Obama believes they built their companies or not.  I am fighting for a pro-jobs agenda in Congress of lower taxes and less regulation because that’s the only way for America to meet its full potential in a competitive global marketplace.”

Mike Bost has earned the support of national pro-business groups such as the US Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), because of his pro-jobs record. He is running to limit government regulation and fight for lower taxes so working families in Illinois can thrive.

First elected in 2014, Mike Bost represents Illinois’ 12th Congressional District in the United States Congress. A retired U.S. Marine and former firefighter, Mike and his wife Tracy own a business in their hometown of Murphysboro, IL.

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Bost for Congress Job Creator Coalition

The following is a list of business owners supporting Mike Bost’s re-election:

John Odle- Franklin County
David Green- Franklin County
Greg Woodlard- Franklin County
Shaun Mulroney- Jackson County
Cynthia Boester- Jackson County
Keith Klaine- Jackson County
Gary and Jane Tretter- Jackson County
Pete Polete- Jackson County
Philip Alvis- Jackson County
Whitney O’Daniel- Jackson County
Oren Coffer- Jackson County
Thomas Miller- Jackson County
Lane Harvey- Jefferson County
Charles West- Madison County
Dale Ferguson- Madison County
James Nativi- Madison County
Walter Mohr- Perry County
Rudy Rice- Perry County
James Honey- Pulaski County
Ronald White- Randolph County
Mark Meyerhoff- Randolph County
Larry Kraft- St. Clair County
Steve Baehr- St. Clair County
Steven Gray- St. Clair County
Matt Smallheer- St. Clair County
Paul Evans- St. Clair County
William Kuzma- St. Clair County
Len Glover- St. Clair County
Ron Osman- Williamson County
Winston Throgmorton- Williamson County

Mike Bost Endorsed by U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Murphysboro, IL—Today U.S. Rep. Mike Bost received the endorsement of the United States Chamber of Commerce, the nation’s largest business federation.

“In today’s economy, it is critical that Members of Congress provide strong support of free enterprise and leadership for policies that will return the United States to its full growth potential. We believe that Mike Bost’s re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives will help produce sustained economic growth, help create jobs, and get our country back on track.” Chamber President and CEO Thomas Donohue said in a letter of endorsement.

“I am proud my pro-jobs record has earned the support of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. I was elected to fight for jobs, grow the Southern Illinois economy, and keep taxes low for working families and small businesses. I will continue to fight for Illinois familes and limited government interference in our homes and businesses.” Bost said.

First elected in 2014, Mike Bost represents Illinois’ 12th Congressional District in the United States Congress. A retired U.S. Marine and former firefighter, Mike and his wife Tracy owned a business in their hometown of Murphysboro, IL for nearly 26-years.

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