From the ST. Louis Post-Dispatch: Re-elect Illinois Rep. Mike Bost to U.S. House District 12

Our Southern Illinois readers have legitimate concerns about jobs, flood control and the future of the coal industry. No candidate has all the answers, but freshman U.S. Rep. Mike Bost, R-Murphysboro, offers the best mix of experience and practicality to protect his 12th District constituents’ best interests.

Bost, 55, says he is willing to work with congressional Democrats to find answers to some of the district’s most pressing problems. His main opponent, Democrat Charles “C.J.” Baricevic, 31, of Belleville, is a smart and energetic attorney who has never held elective office. He could benefit from more experience before seeking a spot on the national stage.

Bost represents the moderate side of the Republican Party. He criticizes more conservative party members who have paralyzed government at times — such as those in the House Freedom Caucus — saying they “would rather say no and not govern.” A former firefighter and Marine, he was a state representative for 10 years before going to Congress.

On free trade, Bost told us the Trans-Pacific Partnership has split constituents in his district, with farmers supporting it and steel industry workers and bankers opposed. Bost sides with the latter group.
We have areas of disagreement with Bost, such as his opposition to environmental regulations that would reduce use of Illinois’ high-sulfur coal and emphasis on coal as the nation’s main energy source.

His positions are understandable, given the importance of coal industry jobs to his district. But those jobs are disappearing, and workers need federal help with training programs and educational opportunities to make the transition.

Bost put up the best fight anyone could expect to bring the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s new western headquarters to his district. Though we’re glad he lost that battle to north St. Louis, we had to admire his spirit.

Also running is Green Party candidate Paula Bradshaw, 63, of Carbondale.

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