Murphysboro, IL – U.S. Rep. Mike Bost released the fourth television advertisement in his re-election campaign for Illinois’ 12th Congressional District, titled “Miner.” The ad, narrated by Coal Miner’s Movement founder Bob Sandidge, highlights Bost’s efforts to stand up for coal miners and the coal industry in Southern Illinois.
“When Hillary Clinton said she wants to put coal miners ‘out of business,’ we should take her at her word,” said Bost.  “She and her liberal allies in Washington have launched a War on Coal that will decimate an industry already struggling to survive.  My grandfather was head of the local coal miners’ union; mining is in my blood.  As long as I’m Southern Illinois’ representative in Congress, I will continue to fight for these families who are under attack.”
To view “Miner,” please click here.
Transcript, 30 seconds:
BOB SANDIDGE:   “Through the last seven years or so, the Obama administration’s war on coal has all but killed the mining industry. It’s devastated the community.  People out of jobs and out of work. It’s very important to us, here down in the trenches, that we have somebody in Washington that understands coal. And Mike Bost is definitely the man for the job. The record shows that Mike voted 100% of the time for coal. Without someone in DC like Mike, we don’t have any hope. Mike Bost is fighting for the coal industry.”
BOST:  “I’m Mike Bost and I approve this message.”