Bost Campaign Ad Touts Fight for Farmers

Murphysboro, IL – U.S. Rep. Mike Bost released a new television ad today in his re-election campaign for Illinois’ 12th Congressional District, titled “Farmer.”  The 30-second spot features St. Clair County farmer Dave Tiedemann discussing Bost’s fight to roll back Washington’s overregulation of Southern Illinois farmers. Bost is a champion for agriculture and has recently been endorsed by the national Farm Bureau.
“Washington bureaucrats and the Obama administration have proposed and implemented hundreds regulations on agriculture, threatening the livelihoods of our family farmers, ranchers, and producers,” said Bost.  “I am proud to be a champion for Southern Illinois agriculture because they represent the backbone of our economy.”
TRANSCRIPT (30 seconds):
DAVE TIEDEMANN: “My name is Dave Tiedemann, grain and livestock farmer. Been doing that basically all my life. The regulations can be very frustrating.  We have bureaucrats saying whether I can plant corn or not. Constant regulations impeding our progress. It’s great to have a voice like Mike Bost in Washington as our Congressman.  He knows the regulations, he knows our issues, he knows small business, he knows farming. He’s been there for us and he listens to us. Mike Bost is a fighter.”
BOST:  “I’m Mike Bost and I approve this message.”