Improving Agriculture

Haymaking in Sotland

Protecting our agricultural economy is vital to the sustainability of Southern Illinois.  That’s why Mike has fought to reduce regulatory burdens that strangle our farmers and ranchers.

He’s also worked to provide our producers with the tools they need to help mitigate against risk in a fiscally responsible way through the Farm Bill.

Additionally, Mike has sponsored critical legislation to help beginning farmers and ranchers access credit. He’s also voted to make major investments in rural broadband that would benefit under-served areas like Southern Illinois.


Moving Toward Energy Independence

Southern Illinois has a proud heritage of coal mining and contains significant coal deposits.  Recently, new technologies have developed to more efficiently produce energy from this coal with less pollution. Unfortunately, there remain those opposed to any use of fossil fuels.

Mike has consistently supported an all-of-the above energy policy that makes use of all our nation’s resources.  As Southern Illinois families struggle with higher energy bills, Mike believes it’s common sense to use the resources that are proven and affordable.


Moving Our Economy Forward

Mike has fought for policies that allow working families to keep more of their hard-earned money and  promote economic growth. 

Mike voted for Tax Reform legislation, which gives an average tax cut of over $2,200 to Southern Illinois families. He’s also voted to roll back job-killing regulations left over by the Obama Administration and and is a staunch opponent of the Biden-Pelosi socialist tax and spending plan.

Mike supports President Trump’s historic trade deals to protect our economy and American workers.


Accessible & Affordable Healthcare


Mike believes that Southern Illinoisans should have the right to make their own health care choices.  That’s why he supports allowing businesses and associations to pull together their health plans to obtain larger health care premium discounts from major health insurers.

He wants to encourage more, not less competition, in the Medicare system by expanding, not shrinking, the popular Medicare Advantage program. We need to support measures that reduce costs, which will ultimately affect the price of premiums and the number of people who can afford insurance.

Reining in Government Spending

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but those in Washington often think it does. For too long, legislators went to Washington with a focus of “how much to spend” instead of “what to cut.” Because of that mindset, federal spending is out-of-control with growing deficits that place the burden on future generations.

Just as Americans must balance their own household budgets, Congress should be held to the same standards. Congress must make decisions that balance our federal budget in a reasonable, responsible way that leaves a country to our children and grandchildren better than the one we inherited.


Defending the Life of the Unborn

Mike is unapologetically pro-life. He believes that life begins at conception and has been fighting for pro-life principles his entire adult life.

Providing for Our National Defense

DefenseAs a U.S. Marine, Mike is committed to a strong national defense. With growing threats to U.S. interests around the world, he knows we must ensure our military is the best-trained and most advanced in the world so we meet the challenges of today and prepare for threats of tomorrow.

Mike is a strong supporter of a robust defense budget and a proud advocate for  Scott Air Force Base – a vital economic engine to Southern Illinois.

Protecting Social Security & Medicare

Those counting on Social Security and Medicare should not have to worry about the promises that were made to them are kept. Mike opposes efforts to privatize, raise the retirement age or increase the payroll tax.

Congress must work together to prevent the financial collapse of these programs by promoting bipartisan efforts to address systemic problems and ensure its longevity for current and future generations.

Guaranteeing 2nd Amendment Rights

We have a constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms and it must be preserved and defended at all levels of government. Period.




Securing our Southern Border

Mike supports building a wall along our southern border and supports enforcing President Trump’s Remain in Mexico Policy.