Correcting the Record on Brendan Kelly (again)

Once again, Brendan Kelly is proving himself to be just another corrupt machine politician with his new Pelosi-funded attack ad filled with lies and half-truths. In the 30-second television spot, Kelly stretches the truth about Bost’s pay and tax reform legislation that put money back in the pockets of middle-class families in Southern Illinois.

So, let’s correct the record (again):

Claim: Bost “voted to raise his own pay…”

Reality: Mike Bost has voted over a dozen times in Congress to freeze his own pay. While serving in the Illinois House of Representatives, Bost repeatedly introduced legislation that rejected an automatic pay raise for legislators.


Claim: Bost “gave a tax giveaway” to big banks…

Reality: Mike Bost voted for tax reform legislation that gives the average Southern Illinois family an extra $2,200 in their pockets every year. The same legislation has been credited with unprecedented job creation, small business optimism, and low unemployment. Our economy is growing at a rate we haven’t seen in decades. If Brendan Kelly wants to raise taxes on Southern Illinois families and put a stop to these positive economic trends, he should come out and say so.