When St. Clair County Women Said, “Me Too,” Brendan Kelly Said, “So What?”

Brendan Kelly’s abysmal record of protecting victims of sexual assault was exposed yet again this week, as KSDK detailed the 2017 case of a St. Clair County sheriff’s deputy who twice raped a woman in Cahokia. When Brendan Kelly had the opportunity to deliver justice for the victim, he instead issued two “official misconduct” charges that carry an embarrassing sentence of two to five years.

“Time after time, Brendan Kelly has proven that he can’t be trusted to protect victims of sexual assault,” said Dustin Rhodes, campaign manager for Mike Bost. “This is just another example of Mr. Kelly letting a violent predator off with a slap on the wrist. He’s failed to do his job, but now he wants a promotion. When Southern Illinois women said, ‘Me too,’ Brendan Kelly said, ‘So what?’”